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I Want to Be an ASIFA Volunteer! (english version)
Estimados lectores, el bueno de Stephen Worth, director de ASIFA-Hollywwod Archive Project Blog, ha sido premiado en los Annie Awards, el reconocimiento de Hollywood a la industria de la animación.
Steve recibe un Premio del Jurado, el June Foray Award , por su significativo aporte al arte y la industria de la animación.
Stephen Worth ha escrito comentarios en este "humirde" blog...
Pero a través del blog de ASIFA nos entrega mucho material histórico y educativo para las personas interesadas en la ilustración y el mundo de la animación.
Ahora, ¿ quieren saber qué es ASIFA?...bueno, a continuación la versión en inglés del artículo que yo escribí para ASIFA. La versión en español pueden encontrarla al final de este post.
¡ Les invito a leer y a conocer el Archivo de la Animación!

Annie Awards
(...¡ Felicitaciones a Steve y sus rotoscopio!...y preséntame una amiguita...)

Dear readers, the good one of Stephen Worth, director of ASIFA-Hollywwod Archive Project Blog, has been awarded in the Annie Awards, the recognition from Hollywood to the industry of the animation.
Steve receives one of the Juried Awards, the June Foray Award, by his significant contribution to the art and the industry of the animation.
Stephen Worth
has written commentaries in this “humble” blog...
But through blog of ASIFA he gives
to us to much historical and didactic material for the people interested in the illustration and the world of the animation.

Now, do you wants to know what is ASIFA? … good, next the version in english
of the article that I wrote for ASIFA. The version in spanish you can find it at the end of this post.
I invite to them to read and to know the Animation Archives!

" I Want to Be an ASIFA Volunteer!" (english version)

Traslation by Gonzalo Baeza
(...Thanks you very much, GB!)

Hello, my friends!

I believe it was not too long ago that I commented about one of my great discoveries on the net: ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive (A-HAA) from the United States, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving everything that has to do with the Art of Animation.

As they describe themselves, they are "embarked on an ambitious project to expand the offerings of the current Animation Center to include a virtual archive, museum, library and research facility for the benefit of the animation community and general public. The first step in achieving our goals involves the establishment of a computer
system capable of documenting, cataloging, and retrieving images and sounds related to the art of animation."
(9/27/2006) "Meta: Saturday Volunteer Day Signups For October."
ASIFA Volunteer © )

Ever since I started this blog I have tried to regularly follow the
articles published by ASIFA Director Stephen Worth and I must say that
the amount of information that the ASIFA team manages is astounding.

One of the big reasons that made me move to Santiago was precisely to
prepare myself and learn about the art of animation due to a job
opportunity that came up when a production company in Chile's capital
city decided to recruit cartoonists. Although my experience was
somehow fruitful and I met good friends, I didn't learn all that I
would have wanted to nor did I spend enough time doing so. I was
always left with the sensation that my preparation/education had been
incomplete to the point that I was somewhat disappointed.

I believe my lack of interest also increased given the scarcity of
reliable information available regarding the history of animation or
the works of the great masters, beyond the simple technique that we
were being prepared for. After all, the so-called animation "industry"
in Chile has been formed thanks to the improvisation of its artists.

I have come to realize that generally speaking, what's known about
animation IS VERY LITTLE.

Until thanks to a happy chance I found ASIFA's page

Besides the features bylined by its director Stephen Worth, we can also find signed by none other than John Kricfalusi (The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse, Ren & Stimpy, The Ripping Friends, etc) where he engages in severe but careful analyses of the great classics of animation.
Master by master, frame by frame.
( 18/08/2006: "Volunteer: Bob Clampett Interviews To
Transcribe". Fuente:ASIFA©)


You can find veritable animated jewels from the Golden Age of
Animation as well as unpublished material such as layouts,
storyboards, backgrounds and even the musical scores of some excellent
short films!

It was only a while back that ASIFA likewise made available for all
bloggers PRESTON BLAIR'S authentic animation course, monitored by John
K… and at the distance just one click!

I believe that many of us who love classic cartoons have heard about Tex Avery, Chuck Jones or the great Bob Clampett , Friz Freleng, Ed Benedict, Hanna-Barbera productions, Walter Lantz or UPA, Terrytoons, Schlesinger, Warner, Disney, etc…

At the ASIFA blog I found detailed information of each and every one of these great milestones of classic animation along with biographies and interviews.
( 11/07/2006 "Meta: The Top Ten Reasons To Contribute To A-HAA". Source:ASIFA©)

ASIFA IS NOT JUST INFORMATION about animation, you can also get to UNDERSTAND ANIMATION!

(They also publish lots of illustration and vintage design-related bibliography! All you have to do is browse through its links…)

No se puede mostrar la imagen “” porque contiene errores.
" Hey, Young man, you should be asleep!"
( 23/2/2006."Media: Eldon Dedini".Source: ASIFA©)

( 21/09/2006."Meet The Stars of the Flintstones". Source: ASIFA©)


Whenever I read ASIFA's blog I think about how lucky are those who
have physical, tangible access to these archives.

This organization's headquarters are located in Burbank, California
and every now and then they organize interesting public exhibits of
original historic material.

Also lucky are those who can share the experiences of the legends of
animation firsthand…

Lucky are those who can attend the numerous conferences sponsored by
ASIFA in the U.S.

Once in a while ASIFA also needs the help and time of its volunteers.
They have computers to scan images and capture videos for their

Can you imagine what kind of images get to that database?

All types of originals, movies that need to be restored, illustrations
and cult comic books…

I have come to imagine how one of these weekends I'll win the Kino (Chilean lottery) big prize and my first destination will be the ASIFA headquarters. I would go there to do volunteering. Just to learn, watch and see.

Are there any organizations of institutions in Chile that might be interested in getting in touch with the people at ASIFA so that they can get us acquainted with the history of animation, an exhibit or a conference…?

Sometimes, dreaming costs you nothing…

In the meantime, don't let yourselves be defeated by the language barrier…

Some might say: "Oh, the page is all in English!"… but that is why there are free dictionaries and translators on the Web!

(you will at least be able to understand Tarzan-style English…)

I am sure that for those who are truly interested, the effort will be doubly compensated thanks to everything you will be able to learn.
Without money and writing from the end of the world, it's all we can do…because… The world is wide and strange!... Isn't it true Chuck?

(That's All Folks!)
…let's share our opinions…


This is just a can click on:

-Preston Blair's Advanced Animation Course (click)
-Original Layouts by Chuck Jones (click)
-Meet the real stars behind The Flintstones (click)
-John K. interviews Bill Hanna,
Joseph Barbera and Friz Frel
eng (click)

Una versión en español de este
artículo clickeando a continuación:
A spanish version of this article
you can to find clicking HERE

si les gusta el tema y pueden encargarlo al extranjero...cómprelos:

Es un importante trabajo sobre Cartuns
escrito por Tom Sito, y que discute y documenta la forma y la industria de este arte americano desde un punto de vista único. Es la historia de cómo los artesanos detrás de nuestros más populares personajes de dibujos animados lucharon para conseguir salarios justos y el tratamiento justo de sus patrones. --Jerry Beck

·Autor: Tom Sito/
·Editado por:
University Press of Kentucky/
425 páginas/

Entre las películas clásicas de Walt Disney en los años 40 y la revolución televisada de la historieta de los años 60 hubo un período crítico en la historia de la animación. Amid Amidi,de la influyente revista Animaton Blast y el blog CartoonBrew, plantea la evolución del estilo moderno en la animación, que desechó en gran parte la estética “realista” para acercarse a un concepto más gráfico y a menudo abstracto.Este estilo se hace visible en los diferentes anuncios, películas industriales y educativas, y compartió mucho con la pintura y los movimientos del diseño gráfico de la época. El libro da cuenta de una encantadora y vital década del diseño en la animación
  • Autor: Amid Amidi/
  • Editado por: Chronicle Books/
  • Páginas:200 páginas/
  • Idioma: Inglés/

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wena cabro...¿ de donde sacas tanta información?
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incluso la gente que tendría algo que decir de esto, los dibujantes, brillan por su ausencia....................................

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